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Quality Contact Lenses in El Paso

woman making heart gesture with handsFor those who have vision issues, contact lenses are an effective alternative to wearing glasses. With so many advances in design and functionality, they can work for most people who need vision correction, even if you couldn’t wear contacts in the past. Dr. Daniel G. Blumenfeld, M.D., offers contact lenses designed to fit well and feel comfortable no matter your situation.

We’re proud to provide quality vision care to people across El Paso. Whether you’ve worn contacts for years or are interested in trying them for the first time, we can customize your treatment to meet your needs. Schedule your visit today, so we can help you find the right contact lenses for you.


Contacts vs. Glasses – Which Should I Get?

In the past, contacts were used only for specific types of vision issues. Today, however, the technology has evolved to the point that many people can benefit from contact lenses, even those who might not expect it. Dr. Blumenfeld can evaluate your situation to determine if contact lenses are an option for you.

close up of glasses and contact lensesYour precise needs for vision correction are the main factor in whether contacts are a good choice for you, but there is also more to consider. Your daily routine, lifestyle habits, and personal preference will also play a role in how well contact lenses will suit you. If you are a fairly active person, for example, contacts can be both comfortable and useful. On the other hand, children and young teens may not be great candidates, as they may not understand how to take care of their contacts.

Dr. Blumenfeld will take the time to talk with you and discuss which option best meets your needs. You may be surprised at how effective contact lenses can be for your lifestyle!

What if My Eyes Aren’t Normal?

close up of  human eyeIf your eye is shaped differently, such as with astigmatism, you may think you can’t wear contacts. Likewise, you might not expect you could wear them if you’ve had a corneal transplant or other eye surgery. While it’s true that these situations require special care, it’s still possible for you to wear and enjoy contact lenses.

Our team has decades of experience fitting contact lenses and understands how to match your unique needs. Dr. Blumenfeld takes the time to get to know you and study your situation so that he can provide the style and fit that is comfortable and works well for you. You can depend on us to treat you with patience and compassion and do whatever we can to make sure you are happy with your contacts.

Types of Contact Lenses We Offer

Just as with glasses, there are several options when it comes to contact lenses. An expert touch ensures that your eyesight will be clear and sharp and that your lenses meet your daily needs. Our office is equipped with the full spectrum of technology needed to examine your eyes and design personalized lenses.

Soft Lenses – A soft contact lens offers comfort and breathability. They’re easy to put on and remove, and they shape themselves to your eye for a smooth fit. They also allow oxygen to pass through, which is important for your eye health and makes them more comfortable.

Hard Lenses – Hard lenses offer clarity and stability. Unlike hard lenses of the past, our lenses are designed with more flexibility to allow oxygen in while maintaining their custom shape. Their durability makes them easy to take care of, and they can actually slow the advance of nearsightedness in adults.

Specialty Lenses – Some patients may require a more complex prescription, and our practice has the experience to meet such needs. We can design custom lenses specific to your case, adjusting the material, shape, and other factors to address your unique vision issues.

Getting Your Contact Lenses

Once we know you’re interested in contacts, we start the process with a complete eye exam. We take several measurements of different types to make sure your contacts will fit well and correct your vision effectively.

young woman holding contact lensesWe can prepare trial lenses that will let you gauge how well the contacts work for you and make adjustments as needed. This will also give you a chance to get used to wearing contacts if you have little or no experience with them. With trial lenses, you can evaluate whether you’d prefer a soft or hard lens. Depending on your prescription, you may also have the option to choose between daily disposable contacts or the type you can wear for a whole month.

We strive to get the best possible fit for your contact lenses. Our technicians are certified to design and provide lenses that fit the unique contour of your eye for the highest level of clarity, comfort, and reliability.

Helping You See Clearly in El Paso

Whether you’d like to try contacts for the first time or you want to improve on your current style, we have the skill and expertise to find the best solution for you. Experience crisp, clear vision you can enjoy comfortably. Visit Dr. Daniel G. Blumenfeld, M.D., today and see the difference quality contact lenses can make for you!



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